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Proceso de transición de la asistencia pediátrica a la adulta en pacientes con errores congénitos del metabolismo. Documento de consenso

Background and objective: The transition process from paediatric to adult care is a subject of great interest in recent years, especially in chronic diseases with childhood onset, such as inborn errors of metabolism (IEM). Advances in diagnosis and treatment of these diseases have improved their prognosis, with a high number of patients with IEM who currently reach adult age and need to be attended to by non-paediatric professionals. The objective of this work is to establish action guidelines so that the specialists involved can guarantee a successful transition of these patients' healthcare.

Methodology: After carrying out a bibliographic review of the subject, the authors, beginning with their own experience, produced an initial document which was subjected to successive debates until the final document was obtained. The consensus recommendation was decided by the majority in case of criterion discrepancy.

Results: A series of recommendations are presented for the best clinical management of the transitions of care of patients with IEM from the paediatric to adult care setting in order to achieve the best results in this process given the special characteristics of this patient subgroup and the main difficulties entailed in the transition process.

Conclusions: The role of the internal medicine doctor in this transition process and correct interrelation with the paediatric and social setting is stressed. Furthermore, actions and attitudes are suggested to improve the quality of said transition.

Med Clin (Barc). 2016 Nov 2 (en prensa)

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