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Launched the first issue of the Spanish Journal of Medicine, a new English, open-access, and online scientific publication



Launched the first issue of the Spanish Journal of Medicine, a new English, open-access, and online scientific publication

  • This journal will discuss and treat interest topics to specialists in Internal Medicine and the medical-scientific community
  • The editorial board is formed by Prof. José Manuel Porcel (Editor-in-Chief), Prof. Ricardo Gómez-Huelgas (Co-Editor-in-Chief) and five associate editors: Professors Alicia Conde-Martel, Jesús Díez-Manglano, Carlos Guijarro, Carmen Suárez and Juan Ignacio Pérez-Calvo. In addition, 35 experts collaborate as international specialty editors from different countries (Argentina, Scotland, Spain, USA, Italy, Japan, Mexico and Sweden)
  • Available on the website The first issue contains three original articles and six review articles. You can access all articles here
  • This new scientific journal of the Spanish Society of Internal Medicine (SEMI, for its initials in Spanish) joins the other two publications of the society (Revista Clínica Española and Revista Española de Casos Clínicos en Medicina Interna)

Madrid, March 18, 2021. - The Spanish Society of Internal Medicine (SEMI, for its initials in Spanish) has just launched the first issue of its new official scientific journal, the Spanish Journal of Medicine (Spanish J Med). It is an English, open access, and online publication with 4 issues per year with topics of interest to Internal Medicine specialists and the national and international medical-scientific community.

We hope to offer you the latest scientific evidence from multiple approaches, among many other topics, new diagnostic techniques, drug therapy news, laboratory findings, and clinical trials. Original articles, reviews, guidelines, consensus, editorials, and correspondence will be published.

Prof. José Manuel Porcel, Editor-in-Chief of the Spanish J Med, announces that "this new publication of the Spanish Society of Internal Medicine (SEMI) will help place the Spanish Internal Medicine at the forefront of medical outreach: scientific quality at a national and international level, especially in the Anglo-Saxon world."

Prof. Ricardo Gómez-Huelgas, Co-Editor-in-Chief of Spanish J Med, assures that "the birth of a new scientific journal, in this case within our society, is a source of pride and satisfaction because it supposes a new advance and commitment to science. The Spanish J Med will make it possible to publicize and export the scientific knowledge that Internal Medicine treasures in a collaborative and multidisciplinary way and share it online and in open access, following the times and forms set by today's society."

The editorial committee of the journal is completed with 5 Associate Editors (Alicia Conde-Martel, Jesús Díez-Manglano, Carlos Guijarro, Carmen Suárez and Juan Ignacio Pérez-Calvo) and 35 international specialty editors from countries such as Argentina, Scotland, Spain, the United States, Italy, Japan, Mexico, and Sweden (Raúl Andrade, José Ramón Barberá, Máximo Bernabeu-Wittel, Ramón Boixeda, Amaia Calderón-Larrañaga, Miguel Camafort, Juana Carretero, Jordi Casademont, Lluis Castells, Ricard Cervera, Pablo Demelo, Elena Élez, Jay A. Fishman, Erik Folch, Daniel García-Gil, Pardeep Jhund, Kazuomi Kario, Flora Kisuule, Carlos Lumbreras, Luis Manzano, Ana Maestre, Manuel Monreal, José Miguel Morales, José Obeso, José M. Ordovás, Roberto Parodi, Pablo Pérez-Martínez, Francisco Purroy, Erick Joel Rendón, David Rubal, Manuel Rubio-Rivas, Roser Solans, Alessandro Stievano, Josep Tabernero and Guillermo E. Umpierrez).

You can access to the complete Editorial Board of the Spanish J Med here

First issue of the Spanish J Med

Among the articles published in the first issue of the Spanish J Med, there are 3 original articles: Prognostic value of glycoprotein CA125 and their time-line changes in decompensated heart failure (C. Josa-Laorden, I. Giménez-López, C. Butcher, M Sánchez-Marteles, J. Rubio-Gracia, and JI Pérez-Calvo); Basal-bolus insulin therapy fails to control glucocorticoid-induced hyperglycemia in patients with severe COPD exacerbation (P. Oteo and J. Ena) and Is pulmonary embolism associated with pleural transudates, exudates, or both? (J.M. Porcel, A. Esquerda, L. Porcel, and S. Bielsa).

Likewise, the inaugural issue of the journal contains six review articles: Risk stratification scores for major bleeding in patients with venous thromboembolism (F. Galeano-Valle, L. Ordieres-Ortega, and P. Demelo-Rodríguez); Congestion in heart failure, a prominent role in pathophysiology, and a therapeutic goal (J. Rubio-Gracia, M. Sánchez-Marteles, and J.I. Pérez-Calvo); Malnutrition. An undervalued issue in patients with heart failure (A. Conde-Martel); Legacy effect in diabetes mellitus: fact or fiction? (R. Gómez-Huelgas, L.M. Pérez-Belmonte, and G.E. Umpierrez); On the basis of sex and gender in healthcare (A. Maestre, A. Gonzálvez-Gasch, and J. Carretero) and Hypertension and frailty in older people, a dangerous liaison (M. Camafort, A. López-Soto, and K. Kario).

Publishing process

The Spanish Journal of Medicine (Spanish J Med) uses double-blind peer-review. Strictly, all articles will be reviewed in pairs, anonymous throughout the process, by experts in different areas, and at the end approved by the editorial committee in line with the editorial policy.

These processes are carried out under international ethical standards on the publication of research and biomedical information, with measures to ensure the published research's integrity and precision.

SEMI Publications

This new official scientific journal joins the two other publications of SEMI: Revista Clínica Española (RCE) and Revista Española de Casos Clínicos en Medicina Interna (RECCMI).

RCE published its first issue in 1940 and currently has ten issues per year with versions of all Spanish and English articles. On the other hand, Revista Española de Casos Clínicos en Medicina Interna (RECCMI) focuses on the presentation of clinical cases and healthcare tools to improve skills and training in the field of Internal Medicine.

About the Spanish Society of Internal Medicine (SEMI)

The Spanish Society of Internal Medicine (SEMI) integrates around 8,400 internists from all over Spain. Among its main objectives are to promote research in this field and combine the various working groups' efforts that formed the Society. At present, there are 22 study groups on prevalent pathologies or areas of interest within Internal Medicine. This medical specialty is defined by the patient's global vision and plays a key role in the care of complex chronic patients. For more information, visit  

For further information, please contact:

Óscar Veloso

Communication Department

Spanish Society of Internal Medicine (SEMI) / +34 915197080 / +34 648 16 36 67